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Hi there, welcome!

My name is Kairat Eshbolotov and

I help students in Hong Kong and overseas

with their Math exams in

IBDP, IBMYP, IGCSE, GCE AL/IAL, SAT, AP, etc. so that they can have

a bright and a successful future.

Math Tutoring Services

Taking your Math skills to the next level

Kairat is specialized in the international curricula like IBDP, IBMYP, I/GCSE, SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement, GCE AL/IAL & Others. 

Academic Tutoring

Students can request to study the topic(s) that they're currently doing at school or will soon do or haven't fully grasped in the past.

Test Preparation

This will get you fully prepared for your coming exams with the well proven techniques. Past paper drilling is one of the main tools.

Skype/Online Classes

Math classes over the Internet work just as well as the face-to-face.

80% of lessons have been conducted over Zoom since March 2020. 



Student Testimonial


About Kairat

An experienced and passionate instructor in Math

I have earned my B.Sc. in Mathematics and Information Engineering from CUHK in 2018 and have been tutoring Math ever since then full time.  

My students come from various schools, curricula and grades; to name a few:
- Canadian International School
- Hong Kong International School
- Victoria Shanghai Academy
- Renaissance College
- Singapore International School
- King George V School

- West Island School, etc.

My approach is problem based and diagnostic. This means that the student is generally actively engaged in solving problems whilst I am responding to their answers by asking questions which reveal any underlying misconceptions. I work on the basis that students' difficulties in Mathematics usually arise from an insufficient understanding of 'easy' topics. By investing time to revisit some of these easier areas and studying them in a more thorough and enriching way, students can subsequently make rapid progress whilst gaining an appreciation and enjoyment of their studies.

The most rewarding moment of teaching for me is the "aha" moment of the student. 


Student Testimonials

Joelle C.,
Victoria Shanghai Academy

“I've taken Kairat's math classes during my 2 years in IBDP Math HL course. The classes were every week for 2 hours and I have gone from a mark 4 all the way up to the full 7. Thank you Kairat!”

Chris T.,
King George V School

"I was failing in Math at school and my mum got in touch with Kairat and after working with him every week for 4 months I have passed the IGCSE exam and exceeded my expectations in terms of marks."

Hongrui & Hongqian,
Singapore International School

"We are brothers and we took math IGCSE classes from Kairat for 7 months and scored 94 points (Hongrui, age 12) and 89 points (Hongqian, age 11). It's so amazing that we can do well at this young age with the guidance of Kairat."

James, West Island School, IGCSE

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